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The chronology of  István Bocskai Secondary Grammar School in Hajdúböszörmény, 1621 - 2021

Translated by Csaba Kiss

The chronology of István Bocskai Secondary Grammar School in Hajdúböszörmény, in the light of history 1621 - 2021

The Particular School

It is a four-class school with a general curriculum that operates under the direct dependence of the Reformed College of Debrecen. The first recorded information about the school dates back to 5-6 May 1621. The census titled Reditus Ecclesiasticus mentions the school in Böszörmény immediately after the rector in Debrecen. It can be assumed that there was a school in Böszörmény before this time, but there is no data available at the moment.

Elementary School

The elementary school provided specialized education with a specialized curriculum and teaching staff, but did not award a high school diploma. Students had to enroll elsewhere for the seventh and eighth grades. The elementary school already operated in its current building. The romantic-style building, designed by Imre Vecsey, was inaugurated on 25 October 1865. The following sentence was inscribed on the facade of the building: "The public of Hajdúböszörmény and the Hajdú-landowners have raised it for the sciences."

The Main Gymnasium

The first matura exam on 27-28 June 1904, marked the beginning of a new era. In 1912, the institution was renamed Bocskai-Main Gymnasium. Girls were allowed to attend the gymnasium as public students for the first time in the 1915/16 school year.

The State Gymnasium

On 7 July 1948, Dr. János Sarkadi Nagy, the retiring director, announced the nationalization of the gymnasium. The compulsory teaching of Russian was introduced. In the 1960s, the gymnasium operated in the so-called 5+1 system with polytechnical education, meaning that students spent one day a week in productive work.

The Municipal Gymnasium

With the political regime change in 1990, the new municipality became the maintainer of the gymnasium. The municipality was committed to the historical high school. Over the decade, successful applications resulted in tens of millions of intellectual and material assets. The number of students increased from 400 to 700.

The State Gymnasium

During this period, the Gymnasium had two maintainers, first the Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Center, then the Educational Supply Center in Hajdúböszörmény.

Translated by Csaba Kiss


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